There was a whisper. If she hadn’t been listening for so long, she wouldn’t have heard it. The whisper was fading. It was like the voice was moving away. She couldn’t just stand there. She knew it would be foolish but she still felt her feet drag on the forest floor, crunching the dried up leaves as she stepped on them. The crunching sound seemed to be so loud in the darkness that she stopped. She strained to hear more but no sound was heard. The wind was dead. Not even a single leaf was ruffling on the trees. The moribund autumn was giving way to cold chilly evenings.

She decided to return to her warm hut as the chill finally reached her through her layer of clothes. She turned around and went back the way she had come. But her mind was with the whisper of her name in the darkness. She did not know why she had come out of the hut at this hour. It was like someone was calling her. It seemed a good idea then to go out for a walk. Strange!

She kept walking silently till she saw the tiny lights of her hut where she lived these days. It wasn’t much but it was home. There was still one place where she didnt feel afraid. The huge fireplace, built for cooking in the old times was so comforting. She used to sleep in front of it in winter. She shuddered as she felt the chills again running down her back.

Finally, she reached her hut. She opened the wooden door and felt the heat coming from the fire she had lit at the time of dusk. She smiled and closed the door behind her.

It wasn’t much of a life that she had wanted for herself but she was happy.


Heart That Can Love

Find me a heart that can love
That can love beyond boundaries
Bound to be limitless
Something which goes deep, down to the bottomless pit
Like the light to light up the way
Like the shine to brighten up the day
Find me a soul that is so pure
That they fall to their feet
Bow their heads in such purity
A soul with love so hard, so intense to give
That I bathe in its glory
That I let it sink into me
Find that heart with such a soul
Together they will make me whole
Love so true, soul so pure
I wish to die wrapped around it
Warming my heart, removing the doubts
A heart that can love, a soul I can cherish
To be mine forever
As I wish this wish to the silver star
Which seems so near yet so far

Rejoice In Your Sorrows

Smile through pain, laugh while you still can
Push your limits
Go far
Go beyond
See the world in a different light
As you endure, as you give up each delight
Pass each moment with a grace
Defy sadness by breaking the chain
Smile till your facial muscles hurt
Be ruthless, no mercy for your soul
Cry rivers but never show
Just smile and stay low
Hope to hold on
Believe to stay strong
Rejoice in your pain
Celebrate the madness
For you can pull it off
If you hold the torch of happiness aloft.

I Pray

Never to lose the way I did, I pray
Never to bow the way I was forced to, I pray
Never to witness the cruelty, I pray
Never to give up or desert, I pray
Never to cry or complain but endure with a smile, I pray
Never to fall, to give vent to pain, I pray
Never to lose hope, never to lose faith, I pray

To hold my ground
To face the storm
To be firm in my endeavours
To believe in hopeless times
I pray to upload my honour
To preserve the sanctity of my dreams
To never let me down
To find the courage to fight against all
I pray to find even against the odds

Wish I Could Say

I wish I could use the words 

The words which are held inside

I wish I could say what I feel

What I have, what I believe

All that I wanted to say

Stays inside

The multitude of emotions

The solidarity of my silence 

A piercing, lasting one

My eyes trying to convey

All that I ever wanted to say 

I wish I could overcome my stammer

Just get it out in to the open 

Let my feelings flow, let nothing come in my way 

If I loved, I wish I could say it 

If I cared, I wish I could show it

Deny myself what I am

Just be what I wanted to be for one night

I wish I could say it all

That is hidden inside me

Beneath the layers of lies

Defying everything that I ever stood for.


Two poles, two directions, two continents
Separated by gaps like atlantic and pacific
Huge spaces, like forbidden territories
Cannot cross the deserts, cannot bridge the gaps
Thats how far we all are
Never to meet, never reach the end
Walking forever we move ahead, no coast, no oasis nothing of life to be said
Distance is too much, heat of the sun beating down on us
While we walk and walk forward with hope in our eyes
There is no end, there is no edge
We still walk, on and on
Trying to catch up, trying to lessen the distance.

Hard To Say The Final Goodbye

Seeing you getting old, seeing the sparkle diminish from your eyes
The dark truth lying at the horizon, looming forth with the speed of light
Years passing in a rush, trying to hold on to seconds
Dreading the moment when you give up
Throw this life in our faces and go
Leave me alone and alone here to mourn
Not caring if I still needed you, nor believing if I told you
You had a mind of your own, a spirit of the moon taken on loan
Seeing you getting old day by day
Getting weak, getting feeble, getting in the way
We battle with eyes, to stay or not to stay
Mine reflecting plea, yours determined
You wont bend, neither will I
Not prepared to say the final goodbye
I refuse to accept that you are old
For me you will be the same forever,
For I am too weak to let you go
As life leaves your body, with a speed so deadly yet slow.