Smooth Patches Along The Rough Road

Honestly speaking, I love a handful of people who are in my life. They make me feel better. Sanna and Madeeha, thanks chaddi buddies for being there.
Madee, I am sorry I attacked you with water but you were feeling very hot and this was the least I could do. πŸ˜‰
I love you more for that chips you got for me. Thank you!
Thanks for dropping by and making me feel that I am not alone after all. Being with you, I can.laugh at my troubles like they are pebbles. You made it easier. Thanks. And I promise I will be there for you, always. I wont run away because of my insecurities. Never.
Thanks for making my day. Thank you.
Loads of Love

Happy Mother’s Day, Maa


Dear Maa,

Thank you for being there when no one was.

Thank you for always supporting me when no one did.

Thank you for being patient with me when no one was.

Thank you for loving me when no one did.

Thank you for reading my mind like an open book.

Thank you for making me your reflection.

Thank you for never letting me down.

Thank you for all the nights you sacrificed for me.

Thank you for tolerating my attitude.

Thank you for being the best mother one could ask for.

Happy Mother’s Day, Maa!

#Proud Of Myself

Alright!!!! Since we all know that I had taken up a driving course and it finished off in january. Then later I got my own car to drive. We had a spare one at home which no one drove since it was purchased. It new and its mine. πŸ˜€
I am a proud owner of 1389. πŸ™‚
Anyways, I now drive with confidence. I dont make mistakes at U-turns. And I know all about the gear mechanisms. I even know how to change tyres in case of a puncture. All in all, I am improving quite steadily. I drive slow. I dont increase the speed above 40 so those who were planning to have a race with me need to wait until I am sure of my driving skills. I dont want to die and certainly dont want to kill innocent pedestrians or other drivers. πŸ™‚
I feel proud that I achieved all this in a short span of time. Allah has been with me and helped me through all the oppositions and hurdles in this case.
I am happy that I am no longer dependent. I can take myself wherever I need to go. I always dreamt about it and now its finally happening. I owe many people rides that I agreed to give them. I need a little bit more time to stabilize myself and get used to it.
Rest all is well. πŸ˜€

Taking A Deep Breath

Halt right there with your thoughts. The last few days had been a pain. But I snapped back to senses. Thank God for that! I totally hate moping and it seemed like I couldnt do anything but mope! #horror#
Anyways, now I am better. The change of place has done me good but I miss home.
Today I went out and chilled with my siblings. It felt good. πŸ™‚
Cheers to those with good moods and “get well soon” to those who feel under weather.
The mopey shifa might come back though. I will let you know when!

Shifa Naseer

Happy Birthday, Maa

Today is 10th February. It is my maa’s birthday. We had got a cake for her to cut at 12 o clock. Sadly, she doesnt like celebrating but that does not mean we cannot try and make efforts. #wise nod
Happy Birthday, Maa!!! May you live long. May you stay happy and radiant
The love you gave
Can never be repaid
But I try to compensate
A lil bit from my side
Efforts simply are not enough
But I love you and so I try
Coz its maa’s birthday tonight!

Shifa Naseer

Best Of What I Could Do


I made a heart from snow and placed it on the branch of a tree in my garden. Hahaha. I know, I know it looks disabled and odd but its the best I can do. For a poor artist, this is a proud masterpiece!
I know I am flattering myself but I cannot help it. πŸ˜‰
Nothing is as white as snow
As it falls, all our faces glow
It seems to erase all the pain and sorrow
Promising us of a brighter tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Shifa Naseer