Robbed Princess

Search for peace, I search for release
Hold on to hope, I hold on to sanity
Pray for escape,I pray for strength
A thorough evil for me, evil with a maze
I wont get out it seems
I yearn for freedom, I long for ease
Being a girl is not easy
Step in my shoes and see
Rediculed, caged, used am I
No one to stand up and shield me
Punching bag for the males
I am thrown and disposed
No one to ask
No one to give
Since I was born
Life was a curse
Didnt have a cot
I was left alone to rot
Some snatched my right
When I was a cell
Some murdered me in cold blood
When I was born
Others beat me up
And burned me down
Just like a thief, they took my crown
Being a princess, I was made a slave
Rendered useless by the evil wave.

Be The Princess You Were Born To Be

All the best girls. Your life is tough but you must be tougher. Dont let them convince you that you are not human. Let them know your strength. Life will be beautiful once again if you know where you stand.
Thumbs up!

Shifa Naseer