Betrayal Consequences

I thought you were a friend
How naiive I was to believe you
All those laughs and all those talks
All the sharing and sticking together
How I fell for it, How really you proved me wrong
You broke my trust, you shook my ship
You betrayed, you lied to me
You backstabbed, you were a fake
You are mean and you are double faced
I wont forgive you, just slam a brick in your face
There’s a hatred in my heart so deep
I wont spare you, I wont let you go
You will pay for the friendship you sold
You will reep for all the hurt you gave
I will kill you and I will slay you
I will burn you
And I wont stop until I break you.

Shifa Naseer

Saif …

Once there was a little chuby boy named Saif. He was so adorable. His cheeks were rozy red. His hair was glossy black. His eyes were greenish brown in color and they were as round as pearls. His lips were pink and he used to bite them when nervous. Actually he was always nervous and fidgety. His first day at school and he was bullied. Over the years he was made to carry the lunch of his peers. He didnt like it but he felt he was weak and hence suffered. He never told anyone at home that he wasnt happy in school. He used to make excuses not to go to school. He used to cry at times, craving for a friend who would understand him. Everyone laughed at him for being fat. But he never retaliated.
Hoping, suffering, bearing, moving. Years passed and he stayed alone.

Funny how life treats the weak
Wearing them down
Less and less do they enjoy the early years
Busy escaping the mean peers
Horrible to see them struggle so
When their tiny feet are so fragile
The tears that fall, the wounds that are inflicted
Never fade, never forgotten
What remains is the bitterness
The vile taste of misery

Saif wanted a friend but he never found any. Anyone who talked to him, used him for something or the other.
We all have a Saif in our class. Just stop and see him. Talk to him. Give him a chance to be your friend. He just might be what you need.

Shifa Naseer