27th April, 2014.

Happy Birthday Sanna Nazir!!!
This year is very very special for both of us. We are both going to college this year. Hopefully, you will get the college you want for yourself.
Happy birthday! You are my oldest, closest and bestest friend.
You are Most cherished, most valued in my eyes.
I am not really a good friend but I try to be for your sake because you always proved to be my friend in every curve of life.
We spent 16 years of our lives together. And even when there were 1000 kms between us, we still stayed the same.
Now people might think we are more than friends. Yes! Its true! We are more like sisters!
We are the complete opposites yet so similar.
We compliment each other.
Every day is special when I am with you, Sanna! Though you made new friends these years but you never forgot me and for that I am thankful.
I thank God for giving me such a valuable friend for life.
May He grant all your wishes even those that seem impossible right now.
I love you!


I Am An Optimist

Where others see dark, I see the light

Where they see wrong, I see the right

When they feel alone, I will be the guide

When they feel sad, I will rekindle the joy

I am hopeful, I am an optimist.

I will be your harbor, I will give you the strength to fight.

You wont be alone, I will stand by your side

You wont feel troubled, I will smoothen out your way somehow, someway

I am here, forever with you, in the background, like a tune

I am your heart, and I am not logical

I see only what makes you feel good
I dont care if its a false or untrue

For I am hopeful, I am your optimist
Beating with a rhythm to make you go on

Shifa Naseer