Taking A Deep Breath

Halt right there with your thoughts. The last few days had been a pain. But I snapped back to senses. Thank God for that! I totally hate moping and it seemed like I couldnt do anything but mope! #horror#
Anyways, now I am better. The change of place has done me good but I miss home.
Today I went out and chilled with my siblings. It felt good. 🙂
Cheers to those with good moods and “get well soon” to those who feel under weather.
The mopey shifa might come back though. I will let you know when!

Shifa Naseer


New Style

No matter how much I push away
Push away with all my heart
Straining my heart
My heart with all its wailing
Hurting to my core
The core burning with desire
The desire to love what’s forbidden
Forbidden for me.

Shifa Naseer