Now You Know

Those pages I filled, put ink on paper

Those words I wrote, my heart and my soul

Now you know.

What is hidden, all that is in me

The bitterness, the negativity

Now you know.

The fact remains that I love you so

To look you in the eye as you look in mine

For now you know.

Exposed, I stand

No barriers anymore, no secrets

that you don’t know.

Wish I Could Say

I wish I could use the words 

The words which are held inside

I wish I could say what I feel

What I have, what I believe

All that I wanted to say

Stays inside

The multitude of emotions

The solidarity of my silence 

A piercing, lasting one

My eyes trying to convey

All that I ever wanted to say 

I wish I could overcome my stammer

Just get it out in to the open 

Let my feelings flow, let nothing come in my way 

If I loved, I wish I could say it 

If I cared, I wish I could show it

Deny myself what I am

Just be what I wanted to be for one night

I wish I could say it all

That is hidden inside me

Beneath the layers of lies

Defying everything that I ever stood for.

My Fantasy

I am chasing a fantasy
A blur in the dark
Like a mist, untouchable
The eerie silence, mocking my failure
Like the laughter of the ghosts
The canopy of trees, trapping
Binding me to insanity
While I obsess over my fantasy
Toiling, moving, going on
My fantasy will surely leave me torn.
My vision of the future, fading in the dim light
While chasing my fantasy, my demons to fight
Intoxicating me, driving me on the edge
I feel high with craving, so intense
Is the feeling of success
I am chasing My Fantasy
While revelling in the pain, the ecstasy.

Shifa Naseer