Not There By Your Side

Little baby, why do you cry
I am not there by your side!
I know you feel afraid
For they conspire against you
But your soul is still your own
Your demons are here to hear your moans
But dont let them rule you
Thwart them, defeat them
Let your wings free and fly away
No one will stop you, you can have your way
So bathe in the sunlight
Dance in the moonlight
Let your fears hide away
Tuck them safely out of reach
Enjoy the light, the brilliance of it
See the shine, so pure and divine
Forget the worries, let time do the work
All you do is hold your head high
And rejoice in the light
For sun and the moon are for you
Even if I am not by your side.

This Might Be It

I wait for the final verdict
I chase the passing seconds
Urging the time to flow smooth
Uneven breathing, so shallow, so low
Fear gripping my heart as I choose to ignore
The inevitable fate that awaits
I know in my heart
The truth is being served hot
That this might be it
That this might be the end
Of my joys and my sorrows
Of my destiny and my fate
The pages blank as the story ends
Looking death in its face
As I brace myself to embrace
The truth, the lies, the dark and the light.


Shifa Naseer

Spooky Evening

Sitting on a bench, not far from me
A little girl of six or eight
Helping a worm in the ground to get free
Even though the night was descending
I sensed the feeling of withdrawal
But the girl only dipped her head more
To help the worm out
Wearing a blue jumper, her hair all long and pretty
Splayed out around her
Protecting her from the outside world
She sensed my gaze on her and looked at me
All the warmth drained from me
I shivered from the effect her gaze had on me
I couldnt let my eyes roam away from her
A picture of utmost vulnerability

Who was she?
Her eyes which said a thousand stories
An insight into her tiny heart
Busy helping the worm, digging with tiny hands
I closed my eyes to capture her to my mind
To let the picture remain
Of her help, her pain
The stars were out and it was late
I glanced at the ground again just to glimpse her long, shiny mane
But the ground was empty and the hole was dug
I looked around for her but I was alone
I sinked to my feet as I felt the chilly air
I crawled to the hole and looked inside
My name was there etched into mud
With the worm dead, crippled like a bud
I freaked out and ran away
As far as I could from the place
Pledging to never return at dusk
It was spooky for the girl was gone
And the worm was dead
But her passion he sensed
And his name she remembered.

spooky indeed
spooky indeed

Shifa Naseer

Dread Creeping Into My Heart

Slipping away with every tick of the clock
My peace, my hope of survival
Disappearing fast from my heart
Leaving behind a cold vacancy
Dread creeps in from my spine
And filters into my heart
Grasping every nerve with its deathly grip
My screams die in my throat
As I freeze there
Nothing left, not one ounce of hope in me
Hazy and shocked, I can barely see
Losing myself, my heart is now a stone
A hollow stone filled with dread
Of losing, of gaining
Of hearing, of saying
Of dying, of living.