I Cant Turn Back

One step ahead of me, you stand
Carrying what I wish, what I want
I cant take that step
Its too hard
To raise my foot, to stamp it
To put it forward, move towards you
You take more steps, farther away now
I stand, looking helpless
For I can never hope to catch up
I stand still, the weight on my heart
I wave at you to stop, to wait for me
Yet you move on, not looking at me
I burn inside, I want you here
I plead, I beg but you go on.

Turning around, I walk away
Towards the other end, away from you
Nothing will pull me around
I wont call me back
I am on a course to save my fragile heart
I cant turn back now
I retrace my steps
I take my words back
I pushed all memories aside
As I move on forward
You wont see me as I wont see you again
Never will I do this, never will I forget
Never will I let you rule me, never will I submit


Two poles, two directions, two continents
Separated by gaps like atlantic and pacific
Huge spaces, like forbidden territories
Cannot cross the deserts, cannot bridge the gaps
Thats how far we all are
Never to meet, never reach the end
Walking forever we move ahead, no coast, no oasis nothing of life to be said
Distance is too much, heat of the sun beating down on us
While we walk and walk forward with hope in our eyes
There is no end, there is no edge
We still walk, on and on
Trying to catch up, trying to lessen the distance.

This Might Be It

I wait for the final verdict
I chase the passing seconds
Urging the time to flow smooth
Uneven breathing, so shallow, so low
Fear gripping my heart as I choose to ignore
The inevitable fate that awaits
I know in my heart
The truth is being served hot
That this might be it
That this might be the end
Of my joys and my sorrows
Of my destiny and my fate
The pages blank as the story ends
Looking death in its face
As I brace myself to embrace
The truth, the lies, the dark and the light.


Shifa Naseer

My Pain, My Gain

Life offers pain generously
And I being what I am, take it all in willingly
Surrendering to the forces that threaten to break me
Yet I enjoy the pain I feel

Teaching me to endure, to test my limits
As I realise my addiction
I feel and I hurt, but still carry

The load, the burden, the pain
A reminder of the constant dull ache
All the while putting up a smile which is so fake
My pain is what I gain from fate

What I use, what I believe to be true
Hating myself for being weak
For taking up pain as my partner

Some sort of forgiveness I seek

But I am denied, time and again

The pleasure of being in melancholy


Shifa Naseer