The Story Of The Signature

I copy other people’s signatures easily. Well I used to but then left it off. I used to copy signatures that impressed me.

One day dad and I were sitting and just having a random discussion. I used to love asking him questions as he always had answers to all of them. He never disappointed me. So I asked him about his signature which he used to display proudly. I asked him about it. He told me that no one could do his signature to perfection. He had designed it himself and only he could do it. He said it with an air of pride which amused me. He even mentioned that not even I could do it.
That did it! I challenged him right there that I would do it if given time. Dad was so confident I wont be able to do it that he said to take all the time I needed. So we had a deal!
For four years I practiced the signature. I did it again and again. In the end, on 5th december, 2010, I did it! I perfected his signature. The one in the picture is done by me.


As I did it, I shouted aloud, “Papa! I finally did it!”. I looked around and realised I was alone in the room. There was no one for me to share my victory. My dad was long gone by then. I didnt tell anyone about it but today I felt I should finally share my silent victory. 🙂

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