Reduced To Nothing

Time made me realise, the scars will never fade away. They wont let me forget. They wont let me swallow the pain. The world is cruel. It is hostile. It is shameless. I am disappointed.

Is this it then?
After he was gone, is this what my life is going to be?
Why should I feel this way?
He left me, I didnt!
So why do I suffer
Why do I feel in exile
Is this what my life has reduced to?
A life of pain, of sorrow and no gain
Pity I dont get a say
Oh I would’ve loved to ask for justice
But I am helpless
Save me please!
Take me out, release me!
Let me live my life
Free of agony and filled with joy
Do I see a ray of hope?
Honestly I dont but I want to
Reduced to nothing
My life is a pain
My heart is hoping and in strain
Not one cell in me is content or happy
All I wish is to see light
I am willing to fight
But it is sad to say
That nothingness is eating me away

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s Phone