The Tale Of Three Brothers 2/4

Antioch Peverell

Antioch, the first Peverell, Master of the Elder Wand
A man filled with the lust to empower, to defeat
Travelled far, savouring the power, the leash!
He, who favored revenge and deceit,
Sought out the one with whom he had a tiff
Battled with him, as fierce as the wind on a high cliff
With Elder Wand as a weapon, he won the duel and slayed him
Later boasted of his victory, while drunk with power and gin
He went to some local Inn 
Revealed the secret of his wand,
As he wanted to be flattered and fawned
Ah! Such a silly mistake, a foolish deed!
Proved to be unworthy of his wand, indeed!
The same night, at midnight
As he lay, drunk and dead to the world
Some thief stole his wand and slit his throat!
And so the Death, with its wicked smile
Rubbing his hands together in sheer spite
Took the first brother for his own
As it was foretold and had ever since been known!

Shifa Naseer

Someone Once Said …

Someone once said learn from your mistakes
Yet they all did errors over and over again
Someone said to repent for your sins
Yet we all never agreed
Someone once said to love
Yet we carry hate in our hearts
Like weapons against those who love
Someone once said to forgiv
Yet we run after revenge, all cruel and pitiless
Someone once said never to give up
Yet we cry over failures again and again
Someone once said to make others your priority
Yet we all grab to satiate our lust
Never ending, never satisfying
Someone once said and only said
The words written remained forever
But we went forward and tried to be clever
Reeped our rewards with the bitter harvest
A mark of treachery over our crest.

Shifa Naseer