Painted Faces

You show your teeth as you shout!
You all laugh and so loud!
My ears hurt and my eyes sting
For looking at your fake smile
Hearing the laugh which sounds unreal
Laugh if you may
But I know
Your painted faces
Faces so fake
Faces deceiving
Revealing the dark side
Unreal smile, unwilling sounds
Smiling through one’s malice
Your painted faces shine bright
So many lies
Such devilish grins
Mouths Laugh
Vocals Shout
Lips Smile
Voices sing
You reverberate your voices and let them ring
I wish the rain would pour
And wash down your ugly faces
Let it trickle, let it slide
Just stop trying to hide
Faces dark, faces bright
Faces clear, faces showing traces of fright
Painted faces, fake faces
Root of Deception and coated lies!


Only Words

Hollow, empty words echo all around
Saying something no one understands
Being the best, but being the worst too
Lies, deception and farce
Fake and what not
They say, they make believe
In the end, only words.
Only words they are
Spoken without fear, without guilt
Made known time and again
Something no one wants to hear
We are all the same
With nothing in our greedy hands
Only mouths filled with wonderful words
Speeches overflowing the paper, ink dried on the white
Like little scars for all the lies
Only words in the end.

Shifa Naseer