I Cant Turn Back

One step ahead of me, you stand
Carrying what I wish, what I want
I cant take that step
Its too hard
To raise my foot, to stamp it
To put it forward, move towards you
You take more steps, farther away now
I stand, looking helpless
For I can never hope to catch up
I stand still, the weight on my heart
I wave at you to stop, to wait for me
Yet you move on, not looking at me
I burn inside, I want you here
I plead, I beg but you go on.

Turning around, I walk away
Towards the other end, away from you
Nothing will pull me around
I wont call me back
I am on a course to save my fragile heart
I cant turn back now
I retrace my steps
I take my words back
I pushed all memories aside
As I move on forward
You wont see me as I wont see you again
Never will I do this, never will I forget
Never will I let you rule me, never will I submit


Some days I worry less, but still gather strength 

Many days, there’s the same old routine; mundane

Other days I gather the wrinkled leaves

Bundle them up and burn them up

I enjoy the heat, the blaze of the flame

Some days, I find no leaves and I feel cold

A weary disappointment as I fall asleep in the freezing lap 

Many days, I find a log, a big one if lucky 

I worship it with fire and I mingle both together 

Fire and fuel,

Fuel and wood,

Wood and me

And me with the fire

Together we lit the nights, warm!

As the day betrays again and again

I find solace in the night 

With the leaves and the logs 

With the fire and the morning frost

Happy Mother’s Day, Maa


Dear Maa,

Thank you for being there when no one was.

Thank you for always supporting me when no one did.

Thank you for being patient with me when no one was.

Thank you for loving me when no one did.

Thank you for reading my mind like an open book.

Thank you for making me your reflection.

Thank you for never letting me down.

Thank you for all the nights you sacrificed for me.

Thank you for tolerating my attitude.

Thank you for being the best mother one could ask for.

Happy Mother’s Day, Maa!

Evil Nightmares

Pain in my dreams
I feel dread in my sleep
The yearning for peace
Is a desire so deep
The depth of which is unknown
I grope for strength, for support
I crave for hope, for light
Dreams that haunt, that mock
The visions that keep me on toes
The nights which holds me prisoner
The days which blind me
I find solace being awake
For the dreams truely rule my world
Snatch the positivity, the truth from my soul
Seeping into my nerves and crumbling them
My dreams which slay me every night
While I stand helpless, no matter how much I fight

Shifa Naseer

Peace Within

Free he was, from all cares
Free he had been before he woke
To the rising alarms
To the warning bells
Brought face to face with pain, he was
Shattered, broken for life
To cope, he turned rogue
Living extreme, he set off to destroy
Over the time, the days turned dark
The light never touching him
He became angrier still
Did all to set himself ablaze
But then the fight in him waned
Slowly, he realised, it was not enough
To vent out his anger
It simply was not enough
So he turned around inside
Cooped up, to be alone
To gather his pieces, to gain strength
He found his peace again
As he made good with his heart
The tempest was calmed after the dark night
The sun shone bright again as he gave up his fight.

Shifa Naseer