You And I

Night fell and I made my way
To heaven, to your home a few blocks away
I threw pepples at your closed window pane
Something tells me you are awake
And just deciding whether to look
I wait patiently and you stick your head out
I gesture with hands to let me in
You decline with a firm whispered no, at first
I try again, widening my smile doublefold
You melt with it, and open the latch
I climb up the ladder and take hold of the catch
Jump inside with a triumphant squeal
You jump and run to lock the door
Hearts beating fast
We stare and we laugh
Till the early hours of dawn
When I take my que to leave
You frown and stare at the floor beneath
I smile and blow you a kiss and jump
Into the lawn
I promise you another night
Like the one we just had
I run and vanish in the wind
You sigh and sit on the sill and sing

Mirza Galib : King of Urdu Poetry

ye na thee hamaaree qismat ke
wisaal-e-yaar hota
agar aur jeete rehte yahee intezaar
tere waade par jiye ham to ye jaan
jhooT jaanaa
ke KHushee se mar na jaate agar ?
eitabaar hota

These are my favorite lines of Galib. These lines are so deep that it leaves one pondering forever. It is fit from a romantic point of view where a lover longs for his beloved. It may be fit in the religious sense too. A devotee calling out to his divinity. Each perspective is more enthralling and interesting than the other. Each idea reflected in these lines is beautifully displayed in the most mannered of languages: urdu.


Kahu kis se ki kya kiya hai
shabe gam buri bala hai
mujhe kya bura tha marna
gar ek baar hota

These lines touch the heart. In these lines, Galib has intricately displayed one’s emotions to which one can easily relate.

Galib was a renowned poet of his time. He still continues to rule urdu poetry filled with love and heartbreak.
Truely a legend : Mirza Galib.

Shifa Naseer

Waiting For Sleep

Longing for the dreams in the night
I wait for sleep to take over
I try to close my eyes
But they insist on staying wide open.
As I wait for sleep
My hearts remembers the lullabies of my angel
Humming them slowly
One after the other
My voice resonating through the walls
My lonliness hurts my being
As I ache for her
The feelings and touch are clear to me
A soft hand caressing my forehead
Moist lips my cheek as she finishes her song
As I roll to the side, her patting my arm
I smile in contentment
My mind has captured it all
The sleep is yet to come
But my soul is at peace for now
For the night, to drag me alive
Pain is at bay
Anguish, for tonight, will stay away
As Its my beloved’s birthday.
Dont break the spell
Let the reality burn in hell
My dreams are my saviors
The hold the memories close
And then sleep takes over
As I succumb eagerly, escaping to relief
For the first time in years
I had a beautiful dream.

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