You Let Go


You let go of my hand
It was outstretched in the wind
As I stood on the desert sand
I couldnt lower my hand,
I couldnt let go of you
I was pushed and I was pulled
I was alone but in my own
The crowd was mean,
They hurt me
Still my hand, outstretched
Kept searching for solace
All I found were mean glances
Taunting and hurting
Strangers who were family
But acted far from it
Like the solid sun in the sky
Like the moon in the confines of the night
Like the lone cloud on a bright day
Like the last flower about to wither away
I stood among strangers, among family
Learning to live alone.
Forever alone
Echoes of my own voice
Drowned the mean, venomous cries
I stood alone with hand outstretched
Seeking comfort, seeking help
Looking for you, looking for myself.

Its Just You

In the end, its just you
The world will say, they are with you
Your family will say they are there for you
Your friends will pledge never to leave your side
Your love will promise to always hold you
Yet at the time of need, you will be with you
No one by your side,
No one to watch your back
In the end, its just you
In the end, you will be brave
You will be your own hero, you’ll be your own savior.
You will find your solution, you will find your way
As you are your own kin, you are your own
No one is with you, you are alone


There comes a time where you feel all alone
In despair and totally forlorn
You feel He deserted you, left you
You sense abandonment in each step that you take
Vulnerability becomes your forte
You tremble, you shiver, you quiver with fear
You tend to falter in your steps
Unsure of where to go
You head out into the unknown with defeat clear in your eyes
Downtrodden as you realise your feat
There is no blue sky above and no green grass beneath
Holding back the tears of shame
Facing ridicule, facing negative fame
Totally demoralised as I hear the taunts
I still hold my head high
I still carry my near extinguished flame.