Shadows Of My Past

Days, months, years fly by
Yet we stay where we are
Confused beings and at loss
As we don’t have enough time to understand
The bitterness of the past
The hardships of the present
And the uncertainty of the future
Horrors and fears of the past
Stick to me while I try to move on
My past, my learning period
I never look back at those events
Yet the feelings remain
Forever engraved into my heart
The ache for the lost time
The desperate longing for it all
Groping in the dark for things forever gone
Disappeared into thin air
Yet my heart refuses to believe
Keeps on hoping, keeps on searching
The moments, bitter and sad
Scarred my soul, ripped it to pieces
The shadowy figures of my past
Descend on me, engulfing me in its mist
Choking me, holding me prisoner in the past memories
They tear at my heart
I feel the urge to rip it out of my chest
Just to have a bit of relief
But all I do is reflect on those memories
The pain I feel, for lost moments I grieve
Like scalding hot water being poured on me
My past is a part of me
The pain is my companion and enemy
My walk through life is what I can never manage
I crawl through it all with hatred and rage
Such a terrible part is my past
The pain and sorrow is so vast
Drowning, drenching, twisting me
My past, my horror
Looming dark shadows over my tomorrow

16 thoughts on “Shadows Of My Past

  1. Awsmmmmmmm……….luv it lyk ol d odrz…..n congo fr ur century…….luv u ma poetess…….may u keep reachin sch milestones……..nt js in writin bt in evrythn u do….inshallah…..n i hope dat atlst nw u hv a lil faith in uaslf…….n rmbr dat i owyz owyz vl hv ma belief on u………itz grt to c u happie……. 🙂 :* 🙂 :*
    P.s. I cudnt sty ngry nymre 😛 hnh

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