Once there was a little girl

She was her family’s pearl

happy and content

to play and learn.

She was a girl of high spirits

bringing smiles to all those who had lost one.

But little did she know

that her own smile would be lost forever.

She would be torn from her home

and would be lost as an Orphan.

Nobody would look twice at the little girl

whose eyes had lost the twinkle

drowned in the deepest waters

dark and lonely

looking around for someone

but alas ! She found no one!

Still she pushed herself up

to the surface and out

Still she smiled her fake smile

to keep spreading joy !

She had grown in her dark times

was now mature and understood her fate !

She steadied herself before it was too late !

Her laughter no more merry

was hollow and meaningless!

People thought her crazy

“She has lost her mind !” they said.

But the girl never looked back

at them to retort

just kept moving on!

What was the girl’s fault ?

from the innocent girl

who was her family’s pearl

She had turned into someone she barely knew

evaporating after the morning dew.

But she never whined or cried

was resilient and persevered

having no choice

she moved on and on

running away from herself

angry at the world

for taking her life away !

Gone with the wind was the sound of her voice

it has been ages since she has had a reason to rejoice !


Shifa Naseer







7 thoughts on “Orphan

  1. once i looked into an innocent girl’s green eyes,but only for a little while. she was sad too, didnt want to be happy again, if only i could tell her that time , if she would look into her own eyes, she would forget about her sadness , start living her life again as she used to…..if only i could explain to her , the power in her eyes… holy smoke!!!!! i can be a poet too… 😉

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