My Paradise

A place where I will have the right
Where I will be valued
My heart will be happy and content
My mind free of the load it carries.
Where my wishes wont be ignored
A place where I wont need to hide
Where they will know the real me
No pretension and no facade
Devoid of sadness, loathing and hate.
A dream I dream to have as mine
A wish, turned into light sunshine
Bathing in its glory, my heart will rise
Savouring every moment of my prize
I will hold my head high
As I will be unchained and free to breathe.
The sun will spread it wings without fear
And I will dance along with its rays
As they play with the drops of dew
Where the winds will be free to roam my land
Blowing away all the dust and the  sand
Leaving behind something precious a place
The place which I will call my paradise.

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