My First Friend

You were my best friend ever since I was born
My first playmate, my first fight
Sharing in my each and every delight
We grew up and understood each other
Covered up the other’s mistakes
While at times gave each other in
So many memories we shared
Both good and bad
You were there when I needed help
Always making it easier for me
Guiding and teaching me

So many memories which I now recall
You used to tear all my favourite dolls
Marr my best drawings
Make fun of my attempts at poetry
Yet secretly loved to hear them from me
You were the first who read them
The first to praise and compliment
You made time for me even when you were busy
Helped me to learn my answers when I gave up
You always apologised when we fought
Silly issues and idiotic arguments
You backed me up in whatever I did
You took my side no matter what!
We shared it all in packets of happiness
Build it strong through the phases of sadness
We went through it all hand in hand
We never gave up, never at all.
My brother, my first friend
Was always there to care and defend
I will try to be the same you are to me
Give whatever you shared with me
Together we shall remain forever
Helping, caring, supporting, loving,
And just being there always
As that is the beauty of being siblings
So different yet so similar.

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