My Black Sails

Sailing through the calm waters
My white sails high up in the sky
Wading through the open sea, blue laid out to conquer, to defeat
I, with all my strength and all my will, set forth into the vastness
With a mind set to conquer to blue waters with its depths
The white sails all magnificent, all majestic
Reflecting against the bright sun, the light, the scattered clouds!
Journey began, trouble began
Got wary, the ship set low
All the chambers and the deck
Spread the gloom, of loneliness
I prayed and I hoped and I believed
That I will have my touch of destiny
But the sand was filling fast and I was lost
Looking up, the black clouds crowded around
Making my sails black!
They were black and they were dead
Dead to me, dead to my orders
My ship sinking, my heart throbbing
The weight of failure, a burden to carry.

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