I Care For You

You don’t need to hide no more
Enough of crying and wailing
Now just rest your throat
While I will watch over you
Just close your swollen eyes
Let them feel calm and you too relax
You dont need to feel afraid
You are not alone
I am with you by your side
See things wont ever be that bad!
I will make you smile and forget to drop your tears
Sweetheart your tears are my pearls
Why waste them for a reason so small ?
While brushing the hair away from your face
I see the tired lines on your forehead
The permanent crease of sadness etched into it
The pain you bear,
The sorrows I will share!
I know the load you carry is heavy
The path you walk is hard
But I will carry it for you
I will keep the fire alive in you
I know you’ve been through rough stuff
But I promise to hold your hand
For you ! I will take a stand!
You wont be alone, please leave it to me
You just rest your pretty head
As you’ve undergone a long journey
You are my life and I will preserve you
I promise I will always be there for you
I will nurture you and make you whole
Restore you to your former glow
But we will take it very slow
Give you time to gather your life into your hand
And mould it into something breathtaking
I will carve it out for you
I will make you as good as new
As I love and care for you …

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