In the given time to someone divine

closing the distance between him and a deadline.

Someone’s wish to accomplish his goal

as he had, like everyone, a mortal soul.

He did not have much time

loads to do with a life’s dime.

He wished to reach out to what he had achieved

hoping that he would not be deceived

by fate and its treacherous ways

as he was thinking while counting the end of his days.

He did reach the sky

but he did not conquer it as he was shy

Now he was running out of time

he realized that as he heard the clock’s chime!

He only had time to look back over

he wanted the time to move slower.

He saw, what he was losing, with an empty mind

his world which he was leaving behind.

If he embraced the reality now

he would want to go back to his family’s love

HOPELESS, he turned to meet his fate

the cries of those who loved him to this date!

Hearing ! But not listening

tears in their eyes, glistening!

How he wished to return to them !

To console them !

But could not turn around

the wheel of time which ran aground !


Shifa Naseer




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