Footsteps Echoing In The Dark

I walk, but I walk forward
I push to rise, up and above
My arms hold the load alone
The strain is so that I can’t even afford a scream
My pain is on its peak
Yet I lift one foot after the other
Consoling myself that the next would be the last
No light to guide, no one by my side
I walk alone, carrying my load
On the rough and edgy road
The sound of my footsteps echoes in the dark
The irregular rhythm of my failing feet
The sounds are somewhat reassuring
That my strength is yet to leave my body
My senses are still intact
While I walk through the dark void
Nothing around me, no support to hold me
My footsteps echoing in the dark
The only sign of life
The creepy night, the deafening silence
The limitless black void
Fighting to reach wherever it is
The peace of my heart, the eternal bliss
My journey through dark is long
My will is not very strong
What keeps me going is the sound of the failing footsteps echoing in the dark
A small step and a big tap
While I fall deeper and deeper into the black trap !

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