Cannot Help Being Sad

The situation of my life is so bad

That I cannot help being sad!

When others try to cheer me up

I smile weakly and walk away !

I dont have the strength to face them

Yet everyday I face the same monotonous moments.

They feel hurt when I dont respond

But they dont realise that I myself am torn.

Life’s obstacles have been many

and have left me a Loser !

I suffer more than it appears

drowning in my silent tears!

My perspective about life changed

Consequences were drastic

Where I used to see fresh promising earth,

I began to see dirt !

Where I used to see the clear blue sky

I began to see a mirage !

Where I used to feel the breeze caressing my hair and face

All I really feel is the savage wind binding me !

Crushing and twisting me !


I wonder what changed ?

How did I end up as I am ?

Where along the journey did I lose myself ?

These questions are unanswerable

as are my thoughts confused and intangible !

Shifa Naseer

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