Bound Light Of The Sun

Futile it is to work on your love

Bound Light Of The Sun

Bound Light Of The Sun

Useless it is to surrender your soul
I see you dancing away for me
To make me come home to you
I feel your joy and your hope and your prayer
I taste it all in the air
I sense your slipping control
As you dip further and further into ecstasy
I wish I could join you
I want to dance along, the dance of reunion
I am bound my lover, bound in chains
Please let me go, dont wait for me
It is all a farce, all that you worked for
it is a trap, set up for you
As the day I come to you, you will burn
I am too bright, too strong my love
I will make you combust to ashes
So I must stay away, away from you
For I derive my strength from you
I will come for you one day,
Just hold on to your hope, thats all I can say
I sense your pain and your sorrow and your disappointment
I feel it emanating from you
As your bow down in defeat and watch the light retreat …
I am sorry that I must leave
I feel your soul is trapped but I cannot liberate it
You must endure the heat of the dead desert
The silence and the loneliness

2 thoughts on “Bound Light Of The Sun

  1. Heyy ! 😍 #Shifa Naseer
    Today Visting at Blog I’m Privilege your Great personality I just Loved Ur Writing 😍 It’s Really Inspired me Ur each nd ever Single Words Expree alot.! My Name is Shivangi singh same here I also Love Writing like u ! I don’t Gave Any website like u Have But I have Good Collection of mine Own World! I had Something For u Small Dedicating to u πŸ’•
    (Not written by me )
    It’s By Mirza #Galib Just Want To Dedicated A small #Expressing #Love From my Side Specially For you
    #Takdeer ke khel se #Nirash Nahi Hote hai !
    #Zindagi me #Kabhi udaas Nhi Hote Hai #Haatho Ki #Lakhiro pe #Yakeen Mat karna #Takdir To unki b Hoti hai #Jinke Haath Nahi Hote Hote 😊 ❀! Just When I saw your Sad Quotes About Ur Dad ! Love u ❀ #Shifa_Naseer Your Talented Personality God bless u Keep Smiling always Be d Way your .
    Best wishes -#Shivangi_Singh
    #Raipur #Chhattisgarh) ❀😁

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