Being Held Back

There’s something holding me back

somewhere i want to be

I cant put my finger on it

something out of my reach!

I try to think it through

coz’ that’s all I can do !

What can it really be ?

I have not  a single clue!

Blizzard of ideas in my mind

but not one satisfactory

I feel some force on me

holding me back from what I seek!

Ocean is spread out in front of me

and no kind of shore to be seen !
I have jumbled thoughts to rearrange

and my course of  life to change  !

But something is holding me back

blocking my way, down the path

I am still trying to pass through

coz’ that’s all I can really do !

I am tired of fighting all the time

the fruit of waiting, for me is sour and lime

I have known defeat.

Felt it so close.

I am running out of time and hope

victory seems far off to me.

Success, a firework!

Will I ever break through ?

Coz that’s the only thing I am not able to do !

shifa naseer

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