He sat there on the road
watching the people bustling past him
The world seemed in motion
but he himself sat still!
watching and observing the faces of strangers
of cars new and old !
He sat there on the pathway
wearing rags and overalls.
He observed people’s shoes
some were gleaming new and some worn out.
He looked at his own pair
and counted three holes in it
He laughed and then sighed !
This was his life after all
what he was and is
He never had a choice in this !
His fate was sealed long before he knew.
He sat there on the road
looking and observing his filthy hands
covered in dust, he scratched his head !
His stomach growled with hunger
but he ignored it
looking around, he saw a lady in red
She was frowning and her face was tense
She looked tired and fed up
He turned his gaze to an old man
walking with a stick in his hand
He had a smile on his face
Such contrast there is in life.
It is cruel
but also beautiful ..
For the beggar
life has no meaning at all.
It is something for others to ponder on
He is just a beggar
sitting on the roadside
with an empty stomach
and an empty life …

shifa naseer

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