Awaiting His Return

As the new dawn was about to descend
Lifting the cloak of another night
A sign of a new beginning
A whole new canvas to fill with colors
As white as the snow outside
Someone, somewhere waited with longing in her eyes
They shimmered with the unshed tears
Like the stars of the fading night
The pain and the sorrow kept her awake
Taking away the drowsy sleep
As she waited, eyes on the door
Tired as she sat on the stiff chair
Her home decorated to welcome the new year
With it her beloved, her life
Her uncertainty was taking a toll
As she feared he might not return
Her feeble strength might give way
While she fought against hope
My heart went out to the old mother
Who lost her son to fate
But hope is what she retains
With a table of delicacies
Awaiting his return.

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