A Helping Hand

I know I am very strong
But I am afraid which makes me weak
I cannot stand alone for long
The world is crashing down around me
I am angry for being deserted
Yet I hope that I will find you
My light in my dark times
A bright ray of sunshine
I ask for nothing but a helping hand!
To pull me out of the maze
Erase the fear from my heart
Make me brave and hardcore
Help me fight my battles with fate
My saviour, my pretty angel
Will straighten out my life
And bring me my own self back
Full of energy and fun!
For now my being is empty and hollow
Even the echo refuses my company
But it wont stay for long
It will all go away
I will fall in love with the shiny sun
The moon will tease me while I laugh with glee
All this will happen one day in my land
When I will find my lucky helping hand.

10 thoughts on “A Helping Hand

  1. Thank you for Liking all my posts……I do wish you lots of Helping Hands in your life….Hope you will find the Beauty and Light that dwells within you and behind all of Life. Best wishes.

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