A Bed Of Roses

My life, a bed of roses, you say?
So easy as breathing, so effortless
If hurting at every point of life is what you call a bed of roses
Then I agree with you
If pain be my companion for life
Then add to the roses you see
If loss is what you think is bliss
Then add that too into your list!
If betrayal is what you call the beauty
Then be it, say that too!
Envy me for all those roses with thorns
Wish for all that you say I have
But only He knows what I am
What I have and By God
It totally isnt the red and the roses
Its way far from it
See my pain, feel my loss
Feel the betrayal, know the cause.

14 thoughts on “A Bed Of Roses

  1. If you penned down this poem from events of your own life, then I wish that person wasn’t the kind of prick that he turns out to be. I can perfectly relate to the feeling of compromising everything for nothing in return.
    You might like to listen to this – along with its wonderful lyrics – on a lonely evening (well personally, I did (-: ) –

    P.S.: Thanks deciding to check out the blog. Well, it’s a humble beginning after 5 years. (-:

    1. I always write what I experience. But exaggerate those feelings at times. But the basic idea is the same. Also i read ur post. I liked it!! Tried to comment but it failed i d k y. . 🙂

      1. I’m sorry about that weird problem you had while sending your comment. Must be some stupid server issues (I noticed some of it happening last afternoon). Some others sent their constructive replies today – so maybe you can try later and it works? (-:
        By the way, that track by Nosound reflects similar emotions which I’ve noticed among your various compositions (it’s a wonderful track, I can vouch for that).
        Also, from these poems, I think I can understand, maybe a little, about why you find relationship and love to be crappy and non-existent. (-:

      2. I nvr experienced any such thing. But i see it around myself all the time happening to my frnds who r naiive enough and thats the root cause for my attitude towards all that.

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