Canada skies

I look at you and it warms my heart, who knows why, what are you to me, it’s not been long, it’s been now and now

But what I know, is you warm my heart, I could step back and I could bring the redness home

But it’s the lukewarm waters that get to me, send a shiver down my spine and I know it is not what I seek

I deserve better, of the tulips that grow along the path I walk by, to find you. It’s the Elmo, lying sideways by the last step of my neighbour’s street.

It has to be more than a shrug when eyes seek your face, from morning to evening, at every turning point. Call it fantasy, I call it love.

But it will die if left outside in the rain. It needs more than a less-than-willing hug, just to ease the restlessness and not the pain

What I need is more than what you’re capable of and that is okay, I deserve better from the universe, fate has to be kind to me some day

Bending my back to reach your standards is not the answer I want, I wanted to reach the skies until the world looked small with your arms wrapped around me, in assurance.

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