Love, was it?

Life is walking towards me, riding the air, closing the distance in between

Death is walking towards me, surely and constantly, with a purpose it seems

And I, watch and life and death walk towards me without tiring

But why does my heart flutter? What is it that I am hesitating?

Could be the end of all that I know, an existence of compromise?

Could it really be the end of me? Or a new beginning?

Love, was it?

Endure, maybe I will, for the sake of what comes next

I shall greet them warmly, shake hands and be on my way.

It was hidden in the smile all along, and now I see

What was a puzzle, now I know

This walk is what it was all about, this moment is why I lived so long.

The tears that fall, from the heights of her eyes, into the depths of her face and collect into her collar bone, I see.

A sad spectacle we all witness, as I contemplate my fate.

Love, was it?

There is a chill in the air, winter is settling in.

Where will I find my cherry blossoms?

A promise made to meet when the first snow hits the top of her head, soaking into her hair like white fairies

I would witness life and death.

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