Brazen and rough, coarse to touch, dry to feel and suffocating to breathe

Fighting to escape, yet clinging on to save, a lifeline, a prison to stay in

Lately, the restlessness

settling into a comfortably uncomfortable phase.

It sounds funny, even while thinking this particular thought.

Uncomfortable in my own skin.

It irks me, this skin that I wear and wear I do, so comfortable and snug

You couldn’t tell us apart, this cover and I, every day, and the night

Sleep, no, toss and turn, while sweating underneath

Icky, not okay with what is for a prisoner, sentenced for eternity into this skin, comfortable and snug

The skin keeps the heat in, the cold out. Uncomfortable under the collar

Scratching, collecting under the finger nails, disgust.

Leaving lines of red, like rays across the sky during sunset

Colours dance, the sweat breaks and there go the fireworks

The source of the end, where the darkness lurks

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