Never ending days

What is that God awful sound, is my first thought every morning,

Cranky thoughts, having slept just few hours before day break

The morning begins angry, like a crow cawing to itself, overlooking the world, a narrow lens

Thus, mounts the bitterness for having to battle voices inside the head and outside

Demands, requests, socially sanctioned responses and so on,

Miserable self falls further down the rabbit hole,

Meanwhile, autopilot ticks off one item after another, in the hope of some relief at the end of the dark tunnel

Every day is “one of those days”, can’t-handle-it moments I face and handle and move on

Thus, phase by phase, I see my day through all the way into the night

But I continue, deep into pitch darkness, ticking off boxes, one down and another down and I still go on.

I can’t stop for a break but I hope I would crash like that cheap hard disk so I can just lay my head a moment by the side

And sigh a deep sigh of relief, my feet won’t start as I curl up on the sidewalk

Traffic blaring in my ears as eyes become heavy, exhaustion feeds me, I see

The world called it a day, mine refuses to bid farewell, it’s stay earns me praise, it’s presence grows on me like a weed

7 thoughts on “Never ending days

      1. I certainly hope you find it!

        Sorry to blow your blog up. I’ve enjoyed it! It makes me think and that makes me comment. Lol..

      2. I had to stop or I’d probably comment on almost every post. I can be a bit annoying lol.

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