Level with me

A bandaid won’t cut it, it goes deeper than skin, it’s erosion at its very basic.

A flood.

Is it empty? Is this a void?

Sinking to the bottom like the RMS Titanic, slowly but surely

The compartments below deck are filling up, brimming with salt, icy water

Then it’s fluid, not a void

Spills from each compartment of my heart, one into the other, filling up, brimming

Eyes that have seen, too much of what has been

Todays, yesterdays and the day befores, all lose meaning as the time drags on

Ungrateful for the slow end? Am I?

I get to say goodbyes? Maybe, if only I liked farewells

Too bad.

I still pack my bags, and wait for the water to level with me.

Level with me.

I stare at the one fluorescent light in the corner, I stare as the pupils dilate and I see nothing but white noise

I pray, now I drop to my knees and hold my hands to my face

I try to recall what my prayers are, I swear I knew them by heart,

Like a panicked student in the examination hall, I frantically look at the whitewashed walls for answers

A stubborn wall faces me, as the fluorescent light dominates my vision

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