Set in stone

I often think why I run away from places, from people

Why I shy away from a pat on the back, a celebratory hug

It’s all too easy to pack my bags and leave, leave behind all those who care, leave behind a foundation set in stone

Stones take time to fade, they wither, corrode, turn to dust with time but they stay

So be the stones that surpass the human timeline, be timeless and stay

Stay for what you’ve been asking for and hope that it will come your way

Run if you must but bookmark the past for your peace of mind, turn the pages to read the best bits

Those don’t come often

Find warm people, to make the cold go away, bring some cheer into the cold, hard heart set in stone.

And maybe, you’ll know that the wind is always on your side, taking the essense of stones, one layer at a time

Carries it to distant shores that you’re meant to traverse

That the Sun is your ally, beaming down every day, hoping you’d open your eyes to a bright sunny day

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