Almost forgot

Hey, you know, I almost forgot what it was like, the lingering taste of bitter medicine

which turns the teeth and your tongue yellow for a bit, a reminder of the poison you just drank, willingly

The bruise, that dark purple bruise that has now turned yellow, like a fading sunflower in a sunless meadow, hurting

The longing, that grew every day into this huge ball of burden on my chest, that I carry to this day, unwittingly

The accusations and the blame, levied on the innocent, I almost forgot the injustice, the systemic bullshit reasons

I almost forgot that summer when you were you, a lively young thing, roaming the fields of joy

But now, hope is dead and details are slipping, I am not sad, I am bothered

How do you tell someone to stop waiting, to give up on the breeze that was never meant to blow in your direction

You’re a wandering cloud, on a dark, dark day, sending rain to her who doesn’t have an umbrella.

I almost forgot the dress that got wet in the storm that you brewed, hot under the damp green grass.

Now that memory stirs, I retreat into my shell for how can you do anything but smile under the shadow of despair.

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