When people die

When people die, where do they go?

Do they become the tears that incessantly flow? Or do they become flies, that sit by the window?

Hoping for a chance to go back home

When people die, I often think where they go

Body decays, sure, but the soul must live on?

Does it entangle itself into the clouds or maybe the lightening, if vengeful?

Do they turn into the rain and bless the harvest season?

Or do they just exist with us, in a parallel world, devoid of anything and everything under the smoldering sun

Why are we scared of death when life is the ultimate test

History is witness that existence is a punishment, a burden to bear since the dawn of time

16 thoughts on “When people die

  1. Great poem. It’s a question I’ve wrestled with a lot. But then, does it really affect what we do in the here and now if there is, or isn’t, an afterlife? If so, how? Would it make us better people? Worse? Why? Is it because we are hoping for something that is lacking in this life? I guess the answer to the question will arrive eventually. In the meantime, I think we should operate on the basis that I only know for definite that I am alive in this world. So, I’d better make the most of it. And, by that, I don’t mean live a hedonistic lifestyle. I mean, don’t be a dick. Be of service to others and do what you love.

    1. While your idea is not bad, we are inherently made to ruin every thing good in this world … Which makes me question a lot of the actions by our fellow people.

      The current scenario doesn’t allow to “do what we love” is what I mean. .. 😁

      1. Right. That would be sad… But people all over the world seem to have ingrained in them somehow the belief of an afterlife, so logical to think that whoever made us put it there

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