It’s okay to not be okay

Sometimes, it’s okay to let things slide, to not feel fear of falling out of sync

A perfect schedule can sometimes fall behind a chat with a friend outside the office doors

A laugh in between serious lines of work, a chuckle spilling coffee across the white, marble floor

It’s okay for things to not be in order, hair all over the place because you woke up late!

Heart racing to catch that bus. Quick, firm steps, trying to keep calm.

It’s okay to not be calm. It is okay to not be okay.

You find it easy to hide, rather than confide. It is okay to smile and still feel a turmoil inside

Confused emotions? That is okay too. As long as you fall into the rhythm of footsteps, unrelenting

It’s okay to speak in negatives and still find hope in battered thoughts of dismay

It’s okay to cry if feelings overwhelm you, the wetness may heal you, even if temporary, it may be a rainy day somewhere

And if you choose drought, that’s alright. Night will eventually welcome you into its cool shade.

The moon will share stories of those lying awake at night, just like you.

And you will find comfort, in your own way.

Because its okay to not be calm sometimes. Life is hard so do what makes it easy for you.

It is okay to not be okay.

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