Where I am …

I have walked a long and winding road

Full of disappointment and shattered hopes

Night arch fades eventually, and the day breaks

And yet the tormenting night stays atop the mountain side

It is all good, until it’s not

Moments like these, come drifting with the clouds

Mocking, wading through, one blink away

No sense of relief, of security, it’s a state of mind

One I have come to terms with, no peace for the lowlifes

Striving to shrugg off the high ground

If I escape today, if I can manage to sit through the rehearsal without making a sound

A cry, I fear, will escape my lips and it is with the same honour

I hide behind the face of a clown

How belittling this sorrow makes me feel, a punishment for toeing the line

The line you drew for me.

I remember asking for freedom, for release that I was denied


I cannot forget the empty eyes, like orbs staring into the broken ones, without empathy

Like stone, like ice. I fear I gave you too much credit.

Not much to begin with, but now I know where you stand and it’s not near where I am.

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