Comfort Blanket

This is not another poem about a random emotion picked somewhere

It’s not a rant, nothing to vent about, no life grudges this time

This is just encore, a thought, a fleeting expression of mutual trust and comfort

In days when one ceases to feel human enough to get out bed.

The story starts with the bed, a comfort zone, a peace treaty, although temporary

Then life comes knocking, and pulls you out of the door and into the cruel world

Filled with mistrust, misfortune and misery

A rainy weather, and a drenched hopeless someone

So, be an umbrella to keep them dry, as much as you’re capable, promise you will try

Be the comfort blanket, welcoming and warm, block out the draught of the cold winter months

Be the cooler, on a hot summer day, and the ice cubes, refreshing the drink with every gulp

Find small moments to be happy, there are many to find fault in them. So be someone’s reason to smile.

I repeat, this is not a poem, it’s a fleeting thought, a kind thought in a harsh world.

Maybe the quarantine got to me and I lost my mind.

This advice isn’t for those who got their heart broken, they can harbor their own boats and find their comfort blankets.

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