You will never know the cause, why I die everyday

Like a phoenix, I rise

Through the ashes, this day, to live and breathe the absence

Words don’t suffice, so I use them, over and over

Death, an old companion, sings with me

Songs of despair, of longing

Laments and separations, death, a kind companion

Filling the gap with dread

Beyond the stars, where you’ve gone, I wait on this side for my turn

To meet you halfway, in the valley of love, to mourn

The loss I bore, for years till the skin peeled off my face

And the last breath left my body

I remembered you, and I still do

Mark my calendar to that fateful night when the angels took you out of my sight

It’s silly that I still hold a grudge, that I still feel the sting

All the empty hugs, and all the loving words falling deaf to my human ears

I struggle to live each day as though death didn’t touch my soul

That death didn’t write my calendar for me, marking the day when you left me

To papa,

You’re still being missed.

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