No matter how hard you avoid those memories, they find a way, like virus, corrode the present, taint the moment

Your memories are like black ink, splashed across a crisp white shirt

Like mud, that gets stuck to the soles of the shoes on a rainy day and wouldn’t get off unless dried

Like the cringe of the coward, the lies of a deceiver, too crude to hold on, too memorable to let go

And yet again, those memories stain my pillow, you owe me those tears shed in solitude

Those tears are like a river, a water fall, unending, and my sorrow unyielding, time had stopped, my wounds didn’t heal

Your words are the knives, getting sharper with each moment I stay, each moment I pray

For some peace of mind, some closure for my feeble heart but as time passes, the rain lashes on

I keep changing pillows, keep throwing away boots, keeping hoping the pain would subside like a low tide

But I fail, to keep the memories at bay, to abandon the hurt I feel from the one I love,

I fail to love the loneliness within, and I fail to smile when I should, to embrace the life I was promised in exchange for my patience to let go of what you held dear

Or so I thought.

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