More of the same

I’ve had my share, I’d say I have seen it all, but life can be mean

Rejections are part of life, you’re not special, you’re just another of the same

You may feel differently than others, but you’re just more of the same

Do you have a heart? I bet you do. Is it locked away for someone who didn’t want it? I bet it is.

It’s a chain reaction, let loose by someone and followed suit.

Heartbreaks are constant, only constant thing life offered me.

Only more of the same. And I refuse to let it digress

I refuse to let it break me. I’m my own, even if it’s more of the same

It’s alright. I hope you find your muse. I will walk a thousand miles and find my own.

And I won’t be an option, a silly, roadside sign that says “Welcome”

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