Call me back, and I will come, I think. I say this to myself in depths of desparity.

Don’t call me back, because I know I will come, I say this to you in moments of sorrow

Heartbreak is painful, the courage it takes


Waiting for the call, something you know will hurt you, make you crumble and yet you wait. Wait for your destruction.

Someday, maybe, a hello.

A note, a smile that was missing from the past times

Kehna asaan nahi hai, par sach hona bhi utna zaroori nahi hai

Hona hota, ho chuka hota, hona nahi hai, tou kehna hi kyu hai

Dabaye hain awaaz halak se na uthe

Shakal tumhari aankhon se na hate

Zaroorat nahi hai tumhari iss zindagi ke baki kuch dinon mai

Bas yunhi pal, pal mere tumhari yaad mai hi Kate.

Mushkil hai, kaha tha tumne kisi roz shayad

Dard hota hai, bataya tha, jataya tha, kuch kaha tou tha

Cheekhon ki aadh main bhool si gayi

Iss dil ke dard mai, kho si gayi

I don’t remember your pain which seems more whimsical today

Was it a ruse? A ploy to make me a fool?

I guess it doesn’t matter, it’s all in the past for us to worry about on our death beds

Today, we rejoice for the misery is very much alive, pulling at the threads of my feeble heart.

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