It isn’t something that just happened to you

Trauma, it is not something you lay there for everyone to see

It’s a business of closed doors, it’s a parade of darkness and denial

Trauma, you feel it, you snap like a rubber band, recoiling inside

Like a snake curls up when it feels what snaky beings feel

Like the panda, who faces the wall, alone when sad.


Sad becomes your new smile

You wear it every day, sometimes even in your reflection just to rid your face of the frown

The frown you’ve been wearing since forever

The ugly head of the fears you suppress, you don’t have time to open that box of worms

The fears spring out at you right when you’re about to fall into the abyss called sleep

And sleep alludes you.

Then begins the struggle to fall into nothingness, some relief

You are denied even that, because ofcourse, your trauma

It’s a living thing, growing inside you, taking away your will to live.

And all you do is smile that sad smile to replace the frown to keep people at bay

Denial. Distraction.

The trauma is drama, they say and walk away

You try to pretend, you try to hide further into your corner and still they leave

You’re too much to handle, a reality that they are not aware of yet

And yet you’re blamed and left alone.

Thats your trauma. Loneliness and abandonment as you try to smile to replace the frown to keep the questions at bay.

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