I am tired of mourning the past, now that I recall, you did warn me that things wouldn’t last

I was naive, I should’ve known that time will play it’s trick and you’ll be gone.

I would pick up the pieces left behind, puncture my fingers and let them bleed

And watch myself as the world turns red, in your absence.

It stings, it’s cold, it is everything I had hoped

You deserve a proper farewell, with pain in my eyes and scraps in my hands

Holding what is left of the past, a ghost town of memories

Abandoned by my will, left by my resolve

Nothing was worth the pain, it was all a lie. Nothing could convince me that there was a world going by

I was a universe in myself had you seen

I was enough for both of us, if only you knew

But time is gone, the mirror has cracked. I sit wondering if it ever will go back.

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