I can’t help but look back to some moments

Which have passed and I think

What joy and colour they brought to life and what misery they spread now

It’s dark and it’s cold in the memory lane as the moments I once cherished turned sour with time.

I thought I was well versed in conversations, and yet when it was time for a test

I failed.

And my experience failed me.

Never wanting to go through the pain, but even you failed me.

I have loved you enough to let you go.

God is my witness, I will love you enough to see you forget me, as I saw you walk away

Memories have a funny way of opening wounds (some days are better),

Deep wounds that do not bleed but keep on breathing, and you breathe with them.

Alive. In my memory. Within moments that turned sour with time.

I recall. And yet I cannot recall.


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