One day you decided that it was over, stuck to one line we promised one another when we met

It seems like ages ago, I agreed to your words for little did I know what seed I had sowed

And so the tree grew, and we grew with it, branching away, flowering from spring to spring

Until you remembered the promise you made, and you forgot the nurturing, the effort and the growth

Cut off the branch and let it fall, fall down to the damp moss on the ground

Bleeding it lay, there, hoping you’d realise what you’d done. .

Broke my spirit, you broke my heart

For something you said when little things mattered

And it felt like a trap that after so many winters and so many Summers

It would be as if nothing had passed, the seed didn’t really sprout

And maybe it was just a dream, wishful thinking if you will

That you loved me, some days and other days I was not worth fighting for

The tree is decaying, the Sun has stopped smiling and it’s always cold, always raining

The tree weeps and so does the sky

Writing eulogies over a chapter I had once promised never to end

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